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  • Meadow Heights Education Centre would like to thank the Readings Foundation for their generous donation of $14,100 towards our childcare service.

In 2017 Meadow Heights Education Centre applied to READINGS FOUNDATION for a grant to create a modern multicultural enviroment for MHEC's Occasional Care Centre.

The Occasional Care attracts a variety of children from around the globe, many of whom have refugee or newly arrived parents and some requiring special needs.    

  • MHEC has qualified trained staff, who are passionate about thier position, providing guidance with educational interaction and the social development of each child in their care and supporting family members. 

They are avid about;

  • Ensuring a non-threatening enviroment, so children feel more comfortable in a different enviroment.
  • That the children including children who have special needs are provided with the resources that will help develop cognitive learning.    
  • Providing support to children who have difficulty in socialising in unfamiliar surroundings. 
  • Encouraging and sharing childrens similarities and differences through social interaction.
  • Supporting children with special needs and their families. 
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills.
  • Developing language & literacy, using multicultural toys, books and educational resources to address social differences
  • Transition and preparation for primary school.

It was exciting to learn in 2018 that our application was successful and that the children attending would be surrounded with an array of multicultural and educational products to enjoy.