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Meadow Heights Education Centre has a registered Occasional Care servicing the community of Hume.

  • Children aged 0 - 5 (not attending any school)

Childcare is available to parents who would just like a couple of hours break

  • to do their shopping (xmas shopping the ideal time to leave your children with us and do your shopping without hassel)
  • to attend appointments such as Doctors, Dentist, or hair dressers.
  • or just that special time to relax and enjoy some mum time, like having a coffee with a freind.

We have qualified workers looking after your childs every need until you return. (Trained in CPR First Aid and Anaphalaxis )

  • Your children will need to have their immunisation cards up to date as we do have the policy of "no jab no play"
  • You are asked to provide the neccessary items to ensure your child is comfortable and content.
  •        This can be items such as
  1. a favourite toy
  2. Drinks (please no sugary drinks or lollies - we try to keep our centre with healthy options)
  3. Fruit
  4. Nappies & Nappy wipes
  5. Milk Bottles
  6. Comforters
  7. Pram
  8. Coat for colder days
  9. Hat in Summer plus sunscreen 
  10. Medications if required (childcare workers must be informed and information sheet completed)
  11. Instructions: if your child has special needs     

Please note:   To safeguard others using the centre:

  • If your child is sick, please find alternative care as they will not be accepted into childcare (Childrens Services Regulations Act)
  • Childcare Employees have the right to refuse any child showing any symptoms of ill-health. 
Visy Cares Learning Centre, 3-13 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 11:30am
Monday to Friday 12:00pm to 3:00pm
$20 for a three hour session
Meadow Heights Education Centre 9301 9200