Certificate III in Education Support - 4 Locations:, Meadow Heights, Glenroy, Dallas and Craigieburn. The next class is scheduled for the 18th June 2018 in Craigieburn. Orientation Day is Wednesday 13th June Phone now 93019200

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Course Outline

Core Units: 
CHCECE006Support behaviour of children and young people
CHCEDS001 Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment
CHCEDS002Assist in implementation of planned educational programs
CHCEDS003Contribute to student education in all developmental domains
CHCEDS004Contribute to organisation and management of classroom or centre
CHCEDS005 Support the development of literacy and oral language skills
CHCEDS006 Support the development of numeracy skills
CHCEDS007 Work effectively with students and colleagues
CHCEDS017 Contribute to the health and safety of students
CHCEDS018 Support students with additional needs in the classroom environment
CHCDIV001Work with diverse people
CHCDIV002Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
Elective Units: 
CHCEDS011 Search and assess online information
CHCEDS012 Set up and sustain individual and small group learning areas
CHCEDS014 Support students with English as a second language
CHCEDS015 Support development of student research skills
CHCEDS016Support learning for students with disabilities in a classroom environment

Participants who are not currently working as a teacher’s aide, will need to arrange a placement in an educational settings for 120 Hours to successfully complete the practical component of this course.  Please Note: The 120 hours of placement must be conducted during course, placement hours outside of these times will not be counted. 


This course is run 1 day per week (subject to change) of face to face delivery for 22 weeks.   plus 120 Hours of placement in a school. 


Taster Course: 
Who is this course for?: 

This course has been very popular amongst parents with school age children.    While this course is open to those already working in an educational setting who are supporting students with a range of special needs,  it is primarily designed for people who have had no prior experience as a teacher’s aide but wish to find future employment in this field.   People who may be suited to this course are:   

  •  Adults with busy lives that would like to try for a new career.
  •  People who have been absent from the work force and would like to return.
  •  People wishing to refresh or acquire new skills.
  •  People from non-English speaking backgrounds (See entrance requirements).
  •  Early secondary school leavers interested in this field.
  •  Parents who have helped out at their children's school and now need a qualification to continue working there,


Possible Job Titles: 

Those who successfully complete this certificate can seek employment in a range of areas, including:

  • Teacher’s Aides
  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Education Support Workers for students with disabilities
  • Integration Aides


Job Roles: 

Primary schools are always looking for teacher's aides to assist children with special needs to obtain the same quality and understanding of subjects as every other child.  Our course offers students who successfully complete it, an opportunity to engage in the education sectre, assisting teachers with everyday tasks for children with special needs. This can be a one on one session with students who are falling behind or helping a number of children who require assistance with classroom curriculum or activities, under the guidence of the teacher. 

The course is designed for: 

Anyone who would like to assist children in schools. 

Entrance Requirements: 

All applicants must be permanent residents of Australia  (International students are not permitted)Prior qualifications are not required to enrol in this course.

  • Applicants are expected to have language and literacy skills equivalent to Level 3 and numeracy skills equivalent to Level 2 of the Certificate of General Education for Adults to enable them to complete this course.
  • All applicants must sit a short entrance test before their enrolment in this course unless they have Australian recognised certificates at a Certificate III or Higher. (Please bring your certificates with you on enrolment day as you may be entitled to some credit transfers.)


Career Opportunities: 

Employment Opportunities: Schools are always seeking support teachers for extra help for children with special needs, this can be through illness, a disability, extra curriculium activities or language and literacy needs.Further Education: If you are seeking further studies, it will provide a pathway to Certificate IV in Disabilities, a Diploma in Education Support or even a University Degree. (Batchelor of Early Childhood/Community Services) 

Course Trainer: 
All of our Trainers are highly qualified with many years of experience. This course is face to face delivery, it enables class participation and interaction which MHEC and trainers agree is essential for understanding the fundamentals of this course.

Fees & Charges

Course Charges: 

All charges are fully inclusive and include enrolment fees, course amenities charges and materials includes a Teaching Assistant's Handbook.

Concession : A person who holds a current Centrelink Health Care Card and does not hold a qualification equal or higher than Certificate III recognised in Australia.

Funded:     A person who  does not hold a qualification equal to or higher than this level, either completed in or recognised in Australia.

Fee for Service: A person who holds a Certificate III or higher, this does not include Language and Litteracy.

REFUNDS:  Refunds are returned on tuition only up and until the first 4 weeks of course commencement date, any attendance past 4 weeks of commencement date will incur the full cost of course.. (please see student handbook) a $100 administration fee will apply on any cancellations. Withdrawl forms are available at the office. (Education Support Workbooks are non-refundable)

PAYMENT PLANS:  Tailored payment plans are available to help relieve the financial burden of some course fees.  This is available to all students however conditions do apply, please speak to one of our staff members for more information.

Concession:$450 = Tutoring $210 Amenities $80 Materials $160
Funded: $1,290 = Tutoring $1050 Amenities $80 Materials $160
Fee For Service/Full Fee:$1,825 = Tutoring $1585 Amenities $80 Materials $160
Making Payments: 

Payments can be made via:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (payable to Meadow Heights Learning Shop Inc.)
  • EFPOS (available at reception between 9am and 4pm)
  • Direct Debit
    -Students pay via Online Banking (details are provided on invoice)
    -Students visit their bank and arrange to have a fortnightly/weekly/monthly amount to be deposited into the MHLS Account

Payment plans are available upon request, Conditions apply.

Enrolment Procedures: 

To enrol in this course you will need to come in to our office at the Visy Cares Learning Centre, 3-13 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.  You will be asked to complete and enrolment form. 

For this course you will be asked to sit a pre-assessment test if you do not have a Certificate III or higher. You have 1 hour to complete the test so allow yourself one hour and a half to enrol.

Upon enrolment, you will be asked for

  1. proof of ID (a current drivers license /key pass /proof of age card, A current Australian or New Zealand Passport
  2. a current green Medicare card /Australian Birth Certificate//Proof of Permanent residency etc.). 
  • If you are a concession card holder, bring your current Health Care Card.
  • Please bring any prior education certificates you may hold as you may be eligible for Credit Transfers
  • Your USI (Unique Student Identification) number if you have one.

If you require further information or what forms of ID we accept please

Further Information

Placements in Schools: 

Participants who are not currently working as a teacher’s aide, will need to arrange a placement in an educational settings for 120 Hours to successfully complete the practical components of this course.  This must be compleded during the course on completion or during the 120 hours the student will be assessed at the workplace by an independant MHEC qualified assessor. It is up to the students to find their own placements.  


A Teaching Assistant Resourse book will be issued to each student as part of their course fees  

  • (Karen Kearns - "Supporting Education" 2nd Edition) 
  • Students will have availability to McGraw Hill (online learning exercises)
  • Students will need to provide:
  1. A notebook and pen
  2. An A4 ring binder (or equivelalent for additional info etc.)
  3. A USB stick


Testimonials: "I am currently undertaking the Certificate III in Education Support through Meadow Heights with Adrienne as my teacher. I am halfway through my course and have already gained employment. I am a mother who has stayed home raising children for the last 9 years. This course has has given me the confidence and the knowledge to return to the workforce in a role that I am really enjoying. Adrienne has encouraged me as a student and always engages us in the topics she is teaching. She has a wealth of knowledge in the industry which has given me the confidence to seek employment." - Samantha M. (2016-2017 Education Support Student)

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