Introduction to Oral and Written Communication Skills

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Course Outline

Core Units: 
Elective Units: 
Develop learning strategies
Recognition of alphabet and numbers
Reading skills for common visual symbols and signs
Basic numeracy skills
Reading and writing skills for giving personal information
Speaking skills for short exchanges


Taster Course: 

This course is not an accredited course,  it is designed for anyone who is finding the English language difficult.

Who is this course for?: 

Looking to start improving your English language skills? This course shows you how we can help you to improve your conversation skills and gain confidence in spoken and written English in a friendly environment.

Possible Job Titles: 


Job Roles: 


The course is designed for: 

Adult Learners, anyone who is not attending a primary or secondary school.

Entrance Requirements: 

Must be an Australian Resident

Career Opportunities: 

Pathway to Preliminary Certificate, Certificate I, II, II in Spoken and Written English

Fees & Charges

Course Charges: 

All charges are fully inclusive and include enrolment fees, course and amenities charges and materials if required.


Making Payments: 

Payments can be made via:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (payable to Meadow Heights Learning Shop Inc.)
  • EFTPOS (available at reception between 9am and 4pm)
  • B-Pay if required or Net Bank Transfer
  • Direct Debit
    -Students pay via Net Bank or
    -Students visit their bank and arrange to have a fortnightly/weekly/monthly amount to be deposited into the MHLS Account

Payment plans are available upon request, Conditions apply.

Enrolment Procedures: 

<p>To enrol in this course you will need to come in to our office at the Visy Cares Learning Centre and fill out one of our blue enrolment forms. Upon enrolment you will be asked for proof of ID (a current drivers license /key pass /proof of age card and a current green Medicare card /Australian Birth Certificate/A current Australian or New Zealand Passport/Proof of Permanent residency etc.). To find out what forms of ID we accept please contact us on 9301-9200 or by email:</p><p>Office hours are between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.</p>

Further Information

Placements in Schools: 




Products used in Class: 

Note Books and Pens

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