2019 Neighbourhood House Week

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An important role of a Neighbourhood house is to bring people together, help combat loneliness and provide the human connection that is so vital to health and wellbeing.

It was very appropriate then that the theme of this year’s Neigh-bourhood House Week was “Bringing People Together”.
Meadow Heights Education Centre ran a Neighbourhood House Week event on Friday 17 May that featured a range of fun activities for the community, including:
  • Making flower garlands with fresh carnation heads;
  • Origami;
  • Learning the different ways that you can wear a headscarf;
  • Sewing Café pincushion workshop;
  • Making macramé coasters;
  • Fun with play dough – learn how to make it in multiple colours for your family and the many ways you can use it.
Many thanks to our volunteers Sue Dowey, Kalpana Desai and Sherine Abbouchi for their assistance with the Sewing Café work-shop, and also to staff members Naci Tekin, Janet Shields, Rebecca Egan, Stephanie Hanna, Funda Kara, Ishrat Husseini and Abi Zaza for their assistance in setting up and running the different activities.
Thank you to all the staff that assisted with the clean up.

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