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2019 Clean Up Australia Day

Meadow Heights Education Centre students from the English language classes at the Visy Cares Learning Centre, Buchan Street Community Centre, and Shop 24 partook in the 2019 Clean Up Australia Day. This has become an annual event at Meadow Heights Education Centre come together to collect rubbish from around their respective centres.A fun morning was had by students and staff alike.

2020 Clean Up Australia Day


The community of Meadow Heights Education Centre came together once again to participate in the annual Clean Up Australia Day event.


Once all logistics were done, students - the young and the elderly - eagerly searched the grounds to pick up any rubbish they could find. Staff members did their best in helping the students.

All in all, around 15-20 bags of rubbish were collected. 

Students had some lovely photos taken, followed by some fun activities and light refreshments to end the day.



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2019 Biggest Morning Tea


Staff and students at the Meadow Heights Education Centre came together to raise money for the Cancer Council by joining the 2019 Biggest Morning Tea.

Plates of food and yummy treats were provided by both staff and students of the centre for all to enjoy.
The morning tea included a selection of games that everyone had fun join-ing in. Prizes for the winners of these games were generously donated by staff members Linda (Accounts), Basima and Teresa (Childcare).

2019 Neighbourhood House Week


An important role of a Neighbourhood house is to bring people together, help combat loneliness and provide the human connection that is so vital to health and wellbeing.

It was very appropriate then that the theme of this year’s Neigh-bourhood House Week was “Bringing People Together”.
Meadow Heights Education Centre ran a Neighbourhood House Week event on Friday 17 May that featured a range of fun activities for the community, including:
  • Making flower garlands with fresh carnation heads;